Portable 5 Gas Analyzer

In order a workshop to be complete in terms of diagnosis, a gas analyzer is a necessary tool. Some inaccurate readings in HC or CO could reveal a problem in the engine. AVS offers this equipment in portable form, since most measurements must be done while the vehicle is moving and engine is under load.

The Auto 4-2 & 5-2 portable gas analyzer Series sets new standards in ease of use and comfortable operation. They provide you with the ability to measure CO, HC, O2, CO2, NOx and Lambda (AFR). Weighing just 1 pound, the device fits comfortably in the palm of the hand and achieves with an autonomy of 4 hours, thanks to the rechargeable battery available. It is ideal for diagnosis of pollutants and calculation of values. Compatible with OIML Class 1.

Product Details

  • Easy to use and portable 5 gas analyzer.
  • Compatible with OIML Class 1.
  • Capable of providing with Acceptance of Calibration.
  • Ideal for gas calculation and diagnosis. Ability to measure CO, HC, O2, CO2, NOx and Lambda (ή AFR).
  • Short Warm-Up Time.
  • Available in 5 languages.
  • Can store up to 250 readings.
  • Ability to measure engine RPM and oil temperature with optional equipment.
  • Ability to print the results via the optional wireless printer.
  • Link to PC via RS232 serial port for graphical analysis output and printing of results.
Parameter Resolution Accuracy Range
Carbon Monoxide CO (Infra-red) 0.01% ±5% of reading *1 ±0.06% volume *1 0-10%
Over-range 20%
Oxygen O2 (Fuel Cell) 0.01% ±5% of reading *1 ±0.1% volume *1 0-21%
Hydrocarbon HC *2 (Infra-red) 1PPM ±5% of reading * 1 ±12% volume * 1 0-5,000ppm
Over-range 20,000ppm
Carbon Dioxide CO2 (Infra-red) 0.01% ±5% of reading * 1 ±0.5% volume * 1 0-16% Over-range 20%
Oxides of Nitrogen NOx (Electrochemical) 5 Gas Only 1PPM 0-4,000ppm ±4% or 25ppm * 3
4,000-5,000ppm ±8% * 3
Oil Temp Optional: (only on some models) 1°C/F ±2°C ±0.3% of reading
±5°F ±0.3% of reading
RPM Optional: (only on some models) 1 RPM 50 RPM 200-6000RPM
AFR Petrol
*1 Using dry gases at STP   *2 Applies only to Petrol and LPG   *3Applies to 5 Gas models only

Included in the package

  • Analyzer with special protective case.
  • Water trap and filter.
  • Cord 12V.
  • Battery charger.
  • Parts Filters.
  • Probe measurement.
  • Carrying Case.
  • Manual.

Optional equipment

  • Wireless thermal printer KMIRP.
  • Printer.
  • Probe for measurement of engine RPM (ΡΠΜ).
  • Probe for measuring oil temperature.
  • Upgrade for ability to measure NOx values or alternatively can be ordered in 5 gases version.
  • PC Software.



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